The Ex and Facebook

Today was a pretty chill day with the exception of my ex deciding to randomly message me on Facebook after two years of not speaking with or seeing each other.

It was a very turbulent relationship and it took me a year to get completely over it. What hurt most in the beginning was the fact that he hadn’t even cared enough to reach out to me.

And now here we are, more than two years later. And I receive my first sign of life from him, via Facebook.

The message itself was unremarkable so I won’t get into specifics. I did not reply. Just like I didn’t reply to his friend request a month and a half ago. We haven’t been friends for two years, we won’t be now.

Perhaps I’d of had a different perspective if his message had been of any significance. Something like, “So I’ve had two years to reflect on all the shit I put you through, and I’m sorry for being an asshole all those years.”

Yes, I would probably have more respect for him if he’d of written that. He didn’t, unsurprisingly.

Just another day in my 20-something life… 30 is starting to look less like something to be nervous about and more like something to look forward to.



4 thoughts on “The Ex and Facebook”

  1. Awsome post. I like your decisiveness and honesty. It pisses me greatly when they try the sneek come back without remorse. Happy to follow you!


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